About Us ~ Geek Accent

Nonconformist geek that will eat social conventions for breakfast.

Are you tired of people selling you crap? Do you know that we become blind to ads so marketers are always coming up with new ways to advertise to you?

It is true, down to the ways these about me pages are written.

I say screw that!

You want to know the truth of who I am , what geek accent is all about?

It is about a life long geek (me) creating designs, placing them on items, and selling them to other geeks who appreciate my sense of humor.

Geek Accent

Why should you buy my designs?

What a loaded question!

I am going to assume that you are a geek of some kind since you are here. 

SO… you already have collection of geeky items that is ever growing. That is pretty much it, I am not a sales person. I am under the impression that if you like my designs you will by them.

Since I am a small business, you will probably be the only person within a 500 miles that own the design, making it unique and your almost guaranteed that someone will not be wearing the same outfit as you.

Can Walmart say the same thing?

Secondly, I am American based. I am working from my den in the wheat and cow infested state of Kansas. Hence why my english/grammar is not perfect.

I am a family run business:


My oldest daughter a lover of animals, anime, gaming, youTube and more. She is the only family that gets paid an hourly wage. She handles social media posting. As well, cleaning up of the product description and the webpage.

Athena also handles whatever crazy whim I have.

geek accent


Heaven is my in home graphic designer. She gets paid $1 for each design and $.25 for each item that sales with one of her designs on it. It is her dream to work for Pixar one day. She spends most of her day drawing, on flipart, writing her comic or watching youTube to learn new techniques.

Do not get me wrong, Heaven is still a geek that is all about anime, Japan and MTG.


Aaron is the emotional and financial support behind Geek Accent. Not to mention that his the inspiration behind several of the designs. He’s geekiness goes beyond the norm. He is a gamer, computer nerd, MTG, dungeon master and the list just keeps going.

What kind of geek am I?

I guess I never introduced myself…


My geekdom is ever- evolving. I am fantasy, gamer, book, science, math, philosophy, movie, science fiction, theater, computer geek.

So when I say that I am a creative geek that is designing stuff for other geeks, I am serious.

You will find that I am not a salesman. That is why me description are so basic.  You know rather or not you like a design.

You do not me to tell you that is the best design in the world, on the softest tee you will ever own.

I will leave that to big business. I will tell you the facts, my opinion about the design. One liners because I find it amusing, the rest is up to you.

Now go on… head back to the store. Use the contact form if you want to say hi. Connect with me on social media. Never be afraid to embrace the geek you are. The rest of the world can go … well you get the point.

P.S. So, I have a mailing list. I wanted a way to communicate with people who love my designs.

I created this email list. I offer free shipping to anyone who signs up and promise not to send more than 1 email a week.

It is just way for you to find out about new products, blog post, interesting geeky things. As well as get free shipping, special discounts, and sales…